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Re: Manager.connect possible implementation

[adding cl-mirage]

If I remember right, the TCP performance tests were done by using the
TCP library directly, and not going through the Manager module.

Actually, the next thing on my list is to junk the Manager module, and
replace it with something that is less strict about how the library is
used.  Right now, it hides the details of device construction, which isn't
exactly what we want.

Your work on NS3 is useful to figure out what the design should look like.
If you describe what the NS3 interface wants, then Dave and I can come
up with something plausible that will work with a real XCP cluster...
I was thinking that an Interface module (to match the ifconfig-style
configuration on UNIX) would provide an easy mapping to/from UNIX.

Dave: is there anything useful we can grab from XCP to act as the UNIX
version of this library? Networkd?  The Mirage version will be the current
code that launches all the relevant protocol threads.


On 9 Jul 2012, at 04:25, Haris Rotsos wrote:

> Hi all,
> Just wondering out of curiocity, I though that the manager provided a
> function to connect as a client over a tcp connection. I though this
> was the way we tested the speed of the tcp write path 



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