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Re: building ocaml-dns and bitstring; using oasis

The cma isn't the problem. Does the .so exist in .opam somewhere?


On 16 Jul 2012, at 20:22, Richard Mortier <Richard.Mortier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

> hi all;
> just removing some cruft from ocaml-dns per anil's earlier mail. issued an 
> opam update & upgrade to get things up to date. then installed bitstring and 
> cryptokit as ocaml-dns requires.  
> now issue "make" and see it failing to build the oasis infrastructure with 
> the following message:
> + ocamlfind ocamldep -package re.str -package re -package lwt.unix -package 
> lwt.syntax -package lwt -package cstruct.syntax -package cstruct -package 
> cryptokit -package bitstring.syntax -package bitstring -syntax camlp4o 
> -modules lib/base64.mli > lib/base64.mli.depends
> Camlp4: Uncaught exception: DynLoader.Error 
> ("/Users/mort/.opam/mir-uxd/lib/bitstring/bitstring.cma", "error loading 
> shared library: dllbitstring.so: dlopen(dllbitstring.so, 138): image not 
> found") 
> fwiw that .cma does exist:
> : mort@greyjay:ocaml-dns$; ll 
> /Users/mort/.opam/mir-uxd/lib/bitstring/bitstring.cma
> -rw-rw-r--  1 mort  staff  127949 16 Jul 20:15 
> /Users/mort/.opam/mir-uxd/lib/bitstring/bitstring.cma
> ...so what's up? :)
> -- 
> Cheers,
> R.
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