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Re: Mirage/kFreeBSD on GitHub

On Fri, Aug 03, 2012 at 06:30:16PM +0100, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
> And everything works great after that with your test!  Hurrah!  I'll play 
> around
> with it more over the weekend.

Excellent! :-)

You must have seen that I also started to import the regression tests from the
earlier Mirage repository to test the code better.  They can be found under
mirage-test/regress, and each of them can be compiled as separate kernel module.

And that is where perf/alloc and perf/gcperf grind the machine to a halt: after
the first few size tests, the system becomes unresponsive and one can only 
between the virtual terminals, but nothing more.

I am also asking Robert: do you have any ideas on how to debug this?

In addition, please note that because of the exclusion of the floating-point
code, time is measured in microseconds instead of seconds (as reals).  This
may cause some incompatibility with other platforms.  It is also the cause why I
could not import the test cases like nbody and mandelbrot.



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