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Re: opam/mirage and the dreamplug

Updating git fixed this - thanks. But now am getting unsupported arch for 'armv5tel' when mirage is compiled:

++ NAME=mirage
++ VERSION=0.3dev
++ DEPS='cstruct lwt lwt.unix'
++ SYNTAX_DEPS='cstruct.syntax lwt.syntax'
++ RUNTIME=unixrun
++ LIB=oS
++ TESTS=tap_test
+ '[' -x configure.os ']'
+ . ./configure.os
+++ uname -s
++ OS=Linux
++ CFLAGS='-Wall -O3'
++ case `uname -m` in
+++ uname -m
++ case "$OS" in
++ ln -nsf tap_stubs_linux.c lib/tap_stubs_os.c
++ which ocamlbuild
+ OCAMLBUILD=/usr/local/bin/ocamlbuild
++ which ocamlfind
+ OCAMLFIND=/root/.opam/system/bin/ocamlfind
+ OCAMLBUILD_FLAGS='-classic-display -j 8'
+ case "$cmd" in
+ compile
+ /usr/local/bin/ocamlbuild -classic-display -j 8 mirage.all
`armv5tel` is not a supported arch
make[1]: *** [all] Error 255
make: *** [all] Error 2

On 09/08/2012 10:39, work wrote:
On 09/08/2012 09:57, Thomas Gazagnaire wrote:
git archive --format=tar --prefix=cstruct.0.3.dev/ HEAD -o cstruct.0.3.dev.tar

When I run this directily in /root/.opam/repo/dev/git/cstruct.0.3dev the following is spit out (and no tar is created):

pax_global_header00006660000000000000000000000064120046302300014500gustar00rootroot0000000000000052 comment=94b03dcec6a2a8cabe3069d5ecd26aa349e4ea55 cstruct.0.3.dev/000077500000000000000000000000001200463023000136075ustar00rootroot00000000000000

Seems like it doesn't like the -o option as the following seems to behave:

git archive --format=tar --prefix=cstruct.0.3.dev/ HEAD> cstruct.0.3.dev.tar

Think I need to upgrade git...




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