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Sending Network Packets with Mirage/kFreeBSD

Hello there,

For your information, I have just updated the Mirage/kFreeBSD repository
at GitHub that now implements support for sending packets:


The current binding technically maps Mirage IO pages or list of IO pages
to FreeBSD mbuf(9) buffers while it avoids copying their contents.  As a
side-product, it introduces reference counting on the mbuf(9) values, so
they are shared between the NIC driver sending the packets and the OCaml
run-time system.  The trick is to create EXTREF type mbuf(9)s so I can
refer to external memory locations via m_data and help the reference counting
via m_ext.ext_free.

I also added two simple tests, like an ARP probe and sending ICMP echo
requests to check the functionality.  The code for these come from mirage-net
package that I also added in this commit (with some minor changes, but it


They seem to be working, however I am not quite happy the current memory
management, as each time I unload the modules, I see many leaked allocations.
I checked the code and the IO pages are released by the GC, but something
else is still stuck in the memory.  Do you have any ideas how to track down



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