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starting alpha releases

Since we're going to be showing this stuff off at CUFP this week, it's a good 
time to start doing alpha releases that can show up in OPAM as non-dev 
packages.  The interfaces are by no means settled yet, of course, but we have 
enough applications that it's worthwhile.

So far, I've cut releases of:

- uri
- re
- cow
- cstruct
- dyntype

They are all available via OPAM. We need to cut releases of:

- cohttp (Anil, will do today)
- openflow (with help from Haris and his shiny new Mac, hopefully)
- dns (it needs a Cohttp-style Mirage+Lwt adapter. Mort, got time to try?)
- lwt-logger (Anil, will try to do something this week, as it's a neat demo of 
- crypto-keys (Haris/Anil -- Lwt only for now)
- shelf (Thomas?)
- ORM (Thomas? Sqlite3 only for now, and probably forever)
- SSH (Anil, needs porting to cstruct, so not this week)
- github API (Anil, will do today)

I propose that we also cut immediate alphas of:

- mirage-platform
- mirage-net
- mirage-fs (completely missing the Block module, but it has mir-crunch)
- ocaml-xenstore

...with the current featureset, as we've evaluated them fairly well so far.  
Then, we can start merging in all the outstanding features for the first 
'public' release, including:

- kFreeBSD backend (Gabor)
- NS3 backend (Haris)
- Debugging patches for Netif (Dave)
- external Xenstore library instead of bundled one in OS (Dave/Anil)
- TCP offload for Xen (Anil)
- Cryptokit (Anil)

All the release repositories are under the Mirage Github organisation, and 
releases are Git tags.  So keep your personal forks for features, and send pull 
requests up to the Mirage/* repos.

I will *delete* these repos on Mirage as they are now well out-of-date:
- cohttp
- cohttp-server

So that's quite a bit of stuff! Comments welcome from all named :)




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