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Re: About the cohttp

Try "opam install ssl"-- that should trigger a rebuild of lwt with ssl support.

Dave Scott

On Nov 22, 2012, at 2:47 PM, "Yiming Zhang" <sdiris@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:



I want to study your cohttp project as an example of writing ocaml web applications. Is it a good choice?


For writing lwt programs on Linux, I think currently I only need to focus on the section âLibrary cohttp_lwt_unixâ in the â_oasisâ file (and the relevant test sections), right?


The current problem is the shell command in Makefile âocamlfind query lwt.sslâ cannot find lwt.ssl and replies âocamlfind: Package `lwt.ssl' not foundâ. Do you have any ideas for that?






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