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oasis/mirage pull req

All, while the cstruct hacking is ongoing, one of the last remaining 
"usability" items is having good OASIS support for building the Xen backend.

I've split this up into two pieces:

- Support in OASIS for generating a standalone `.o` object file that contains 
the linked OCaml application, but not the runtime.  All the phases after this 
do not need the OCaml compiler any more.

- The Xen microkernel link phase that uses a custom lds script to convert the 
.o file into a standalone Xen binary.

I've sent a pull request upstream to the OASIS developers for the first item:

This adds a `.nobj.o` output target to OASIS, and will be sufficient for us for 
now (including for Haris' NS3 backend, and Gabor's FreeBSD backend).




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