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mirage-net-0.4.1 released

Thanks to Haris, Balraj for a slew of stability fixes and features.  This will 
be the last of the "slow" Mirage-nets, as Dave has a huge patchset to convert 
to a much faster cstruct-based version, which I'll describe when it's merged 
over the weekend!

===== 0.4.1 (14-Dec-2012) =====

* Add an iperf self-test that creates two VIFs and transmits across
  them. This is a useful 'localhost' test which stresses the bridge
  code using just one VM.

* Add support for attaching existing devices when initialising the
  network manager, via an optional `attached` parameter.

* Constrain TCP connect to be a `unit Lwt.t` instead of a polymorphic
  return value.

* Expose IPv4 netmask function.

* Reduce ARP verbosity to the console.

* Fix TCP fast recovery to wait until all in-flight packets are
  acked, rather then exiting early.



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