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Re: [Caml-list] [ANN] beta-release of OPAM

Le mardi, 15 janvier 2013 Ã 16:40, Thomas Gazagnaire a Ãcrit :
> if you have developed packages which are already in OPAM do not hesitate to 
> claim their ownership and to improve their description - if your packages are 
> not yet in, it's time to start packaging them!

At a certain point I plan to do so. Is there, however, any known tool/scripts 
that can help me to streamline this process via the _oasis file of my packages 
? This file already contains ammost everything: a package name, version, 
synopsis, description and (implicit) build instructions (see [1] for an 

Also the problem of package documentation/sample code seems side stepped at the 
moment. Are there any future plans with respect to that ?  
Thanks for the tool,


[1] http://erratique.ch/repos/jsonm/tree/_oasis?id=v0.9.1



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