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mirage-www crash on xen4.2.1

Hi Anil: I already successfully ran the "hello world" example on
4.00.1+mirage-xen. After "$ opam install mirage-net", now I can successfully
compile "mirage-www" in 4.00.1+mirage-xen. But it seems not to generate any
runnable image for xen. 

So, I add a PostBuildCommand to _oasis so that the following will execute: 
"$ mir-build -b xen-native -o main.xen main.nobj.o". 

The compilation is OK. However, when I start a domU by "$ xl create -c main.
cfg" (copied from mirage-skeleton, and we use an stp-enabled bridge), I got
errors (with messages shown below). Even worse this domU cannot be competed
killed (a dom named "null" remains). 

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Devices: [templates] sleeping
...... (above line showed many times)
Devices: [templates] waking
...... (above line showed many times)
Devices: [static] provider start
Devices: [static:static] provider plug
Devices: [static:static] waking waiters
Devices: [static] waking
Manager: create
Manager: init done
Devices: [Xen.Blkif] provider start
Netfront.create: id=0 domid=0

MAC: 00:16:3e:17:2c:16
 sg:true gso_tcpv4:true rx_copy:true rx_flip:false smart_poll:false
Manager: plug 0
RX error 0
RX: ack id wakener not found 
......(endless loop)


发件人: Yiming Zhang [mailto:sdiris@xxxxxxxxx] 
发送时间: 2013年1月3日 12:27
收件人: 'Anil Madhavapeddy'
主题: 答复: oasis setup error for xen

Thanks! I will try again




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