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Re: mirage-www crash on xen4.2.1

hi yiming;

On 23 Jan 2013, at 01:54, Yiming Zhang wrote:

> Hi Anil, 
> I solved the problem by deleting the whole ~/.opam folder and reinstalling
> all packages. Now I can start a mirage-www domU. However, after getting the
> following info, domU begins to be silent. Is it OK?
> ***********************
> MAC: 00:16:3e:32:de:de
> sg:true gso_tcpv4:true rx_copy:true rx_flip:false smart_poll:false
> Manager: plug 0
> Manager: plug done, to listener
> Manager: VIF 0 to nm gw []
> ARP: sending gratuitous from
> ***********************
> I also tried to open a webpage at in the browser but failed.

the vm is using a static IP defined in server.ml. i guess you'll need 
to configure  things appropriately for your xen setup (eg., the bridge in dom0, 
and/or use dhcp, etc).





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