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Fwd: [SRG-SEMINAR] Feb. 6 - A. Madhavapeddy: Unikernels: Library Operating Systems for the Cloud

I'll be giving an update about Mirage at the Computer Lab today. All welcome!


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> From: "Eiko Yoneki" <eiko.yoneki@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: [SRG-SEMINAR] Feb. 6 - A. Madhavapeddy: Unikernels: Library 
> Operating Systems for the Cloud 
> Date: 3 February 2013 17:05:56 GMT
> To: <srg-seminars@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Reply-To: <eiko.yoneki@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Wednesday February 6, 2013, 13:00
> Location: LT2, Computer Lab
> Speaker:  Anil Madhavapeddy (University of Cambridge)
> Title: Unikernels: Library Operating Systems for the Cloud
> Abstract: We present unikernels, a new approach to deploying cloud services 
> via applications written in high-level source code. Unikernels are 
> single-purpose appliances that are compile-time specialised into standalone 
> kernels, and sealed against modification when deployed to a cloud platform. 
> In return they offer significant reduction in image sizes, improved 
> efficiency and security, and should reduce operational costs. Our Mirage 
> prototype compiles OCaml code into unikernels that run on commodity clouds 
> and offer an order of magnitude reduction in code size without significant 
> performance penalty. The architecture combines static type-safety with a 
> single address-space layout that can be made immutable via a hypervisor 
> extension. Mirage contributes a suite of type-safe protocol libraries, and 
> our results demonstrate that the hypervisor is a platform that overcomes the 
> hardware compatibility issues that have made past library operating systems 
> impractical to deploy in the real-world.



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