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xenopsd success for booting mirage kernels

I followed Dave's instructions at:

...and got xenopsd running on my Ubuntu/raring laptop and booting a Mirage 
kernel very nicely.  A few minor things cropped up:

- there's no mem-set command, so I had to restart xend to balloon my dom0 down.

- the VM UUIDs are hidden, but the cmdline only takes the VM name.  This means 
I can add multiple VMs with the same text name, but only address the last one.

- a few of the packages in xen-org/opam-repo-dev are upstream, so I sent a pull 
req to remove the development ones from there.

It's a bit of a pain having to sudo to run the xenops-cli in development mode, 
since I then have to hardcode the OPAM path.  It would be convenient if xenopsd 
listened on localhost HTTP with auth instead, so that other tools (such as the 
Mirage mirari execution frontend) could work more easily.  Thoughts on that?

Overall, really nice to see xapi being split up so effectively now!




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