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Re: the profiling patch

On 1 March 2013 10:02, Raphael Proust <raphlalou@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Where does this 'minor' symbol crop up from?
>> You need to split the output into two files and delete the first
>> column from each ("minor," or "major,").  Did you miss that step?
> Can you add the following to your processing pipeline
> … | grep "^minor" | cut -b 7- | …
> … | grep "^major" | cut -b 7- | …

Creature comforts!

Once this is proven to work, then yeah, I'll tidy it all up.
I haven't really thought much about a "proper" interface for
extracting all of this information.

More information is coming too.
The next version of the patch, in testing internally at JS at
the moment, also enables one---without using any extra
memory---to determine which source file and line number
allocated each block on the heap...




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