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Re: OCaml Labs Meeting - 8th March at 2pm in the Computer Lab

> The Agenda for the meeting this Friday is below.  The meeting will be in =
> FW26 in the Computer Lab at 2pm.  If you haven't confirmed you =
> can/cannot make it, please do let me know.

It might be nice to try to get the SML source-level interface to OCaml
working in the near future.   [LCP has some big SML programs.]

Sorry I cannot be there.


--- Agenda ---

OCL Updates (Anil - 5-10 mins)
 - New joiners (Jeremy Yallop, Philippe Wang)
 - Networking as a Service - 3yr EPSRC Grant awarded
 - (other grants in progress)

Platform projects
  - Website design (Amir - 5mins)
  - CI system (Amir - 5min)

Systems projects
  - Mirage and xen.org (Amir - 2mins)
  - Mirari (TBC - 10mins)

Compiler projects
  - camlp4 working group (Leo - 5 mins)

Open discussion




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