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Re: mirari updates

On 28/02/2013 18:13, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
I had a quick chat with Haris about this.  I think what we're missing in the 
UNIX backend is a simple control socket that mirrors the operations that 
Xenstore provides a VM: start, stop, suspend, hotplug device, and so on.  
Without this, we're forced to hardcode many control operations in the library 

If we make the runloop of a UNIX Mirage process mimic the Xen version, then 
many of these hacks go away.  For instance, the bridging configuration can be 
done from a command line utility that sets up tun (or pcap) devices, and then 
passes the fd to the listening Mirage UNIX process.

It's very Erlang and actor-like, but quite easy to build into Mirari with a bit 
of cmdliner magic.  Dave already has an Lwt fd-passing library I believe.



This afternoon I decided to work again on Mirari and I’ve been thinking about things. First, this message. I did not understand it much at first reading but it makes more and more sense.

If I understand well, the best option is to make mirari emulate xenstore when using the unix backend. This way, we can get rid of all the "hacks" for the UNIX backend, the mirage kernel will just use the same interfaces "as it was running on Xen" and mirari will emulate the environment (basically a xenstore daemon if I understand well). I’m going to work towards that.





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