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Re: mirari updates

On 16/03/2013 17:21, Vincent Bernardoff wrote:


This afternoon I decided to work again on Mirari and I’ve been thinking
about things. First, this message. I did not understand it much at first
reading but it makes more and more sense.

If I understand well, the best option is to make mirari emulate xenstore
when using the unix backend. This way, we can get rid of all the "hacks"
for the UNIX backend, the mirage kernel will just use the same
interfaces "as it was running on Xen" and mirari will emulate the
environment (basically a xenstore daemon if I understand well). I’m
going to work towards that.



Ok, I think it starts to become more clear. What you were suggesting is that a Mirage-UNIX instance would have a control socket and its configuration would be tunable by connecting to this socket and sending messages/fds. It sounds an interesting option indeed.

Could you indicate me where to look to see how it is implemented on the xen backend (the interaction with xenstore). I’d like to understand more basically about the interaction between xen and mirage, and how the configuration is done when using the Xen backend.





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