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I’m making progresses on the ocaml-tuntap library (github/vbmithr/ocaml-tuntap). It works fairly well on Linux. On MacOSX, no work has been done. I set up a Mac today and installed opam on it. I could not make obuild compile the library though, see:


I have been able to delete completely the bindings from mirage-platform and have ocaml-tuntap do all what was done previously, it works well (under Linux for now).

Given that we have an OCaml fd-passing library from Dave, I suggest that we use systematically fd-passing and have an uniform interface between Linux/OSX.

So Mirage on UNIX:

1. the unikernel listens to a unix domain socket somewhere
2. An external tool (mirari run) creates a tap interface via ocaml-tuntap and gives it to the unikernel (via the unix domain socket). It also sets an IP (the one used by the unikernel) on the tap interface.

There is no differentiation between PCAP and ETH anymore, all PCAP stuff is dropped. The code will be exactly the same between Linux and MacOSX.

That would complete mirari-run on UNIX pretty much.

Next step for me to implement: ocaml-platform does not use tuntap directly, but instead listens to a unix domain socket and wait for the fd.

That all folks




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