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Re: Net.Manager

On 22/03/2013 10:35, Richard Mortier wrote:
did you get any answers to this? still haven't had a response to my mail about 
problems on linux... :/

having said that, it sounds like your ocaml-tuntap will fix all this anyway:)

On 20 Mar 2013, at 18:34, Vincent Bernardoff wrote:

Hi Richard,

Yeah, I have a quite clear vision about what to do. If I’m correct:

Tuntap support in macs is limited, they can only create transcient tun/tap interfaces through tuntaposx.

PCAP was used have macs able to attach to a tun/tap using a different library (PCAP). I don’t know exactly why PCAP was used for.

My idea is to use ocaml-tuntap in macosx and linux the same way, creating transcient interfaces and passing the fd over a unix domain socket. This would work in all cases.

Currently I’m blocked because obuild does not build ocaml-tuntap on macs (And since I don’t want to change build systems I’m currently trying to fix obuild).

That’s about it.





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