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Re: Net.Manager

On 22/03/2013 16:18, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
However, the interface that involves opening an fd (through whatever means, be 
it tuntap or bpf) and passing it through to the Mirage application via sendfd 
seems to be the most robust solution in terms of interface design.  We could 
even write a manual MacOS bridge to send traffic back-and-forth from an 
interface if we're really stuck later.



I just fixed the ocaml-fd-send-recv library on MacOSX (minor changes), pull request in djs55's branch.

Next step: make ocaml-tuntap compile on MacOSX. i.e. fixing obuild for MacOSX. I'll be working on that, I think improving obuild is crucial for many of Citrix/Mirari/Mirage work anyway.

Once that it is done, I'll push my changes to mirage-net such that there is no _creation_ of tuntap interface there, just listening to a socket and getting a tap passed as a fd by mirari.





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