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Re: OCaml Labs Meeting - 12th April at 2pm in the Computer Lab

Dear all,

Here's the agenda for the OCaml Labs meeting tomorrow (2pm in FW26 at the 
Computer Lab)

- New Starters and Visitors
      Intro to new people joining OCaml Labs and their work 
- HAT project 
       Hub of All Things and its relation to the OCL systems projects

Platform Projects
- Update on OCaml.org design work (Amir - 5mins)
       Some photoshop designs based on the wireframes from last meeting
- Building the Platform (Amir - 2mins)
       Reiterating the approach we're taking to build an OCaml Platform
- OCamlot (David Sheets - 5min)
       An overview of the Online test system and progress so far

Systems Projects
- Mirage and Xen.org (Amir - 2mins)
       Brief update on status of Xen.org incubation
- Update on Mirari (Anil - 5mins)
       Build front-end for Mirage appliances
- Irminsule (Anil - 5mins)
       A distributed filesystem and block store, similar to Git

Compiler Projects
- namespaces (Leo - 5mins)
       Summary of the namespaces discussions so far

- Student Projects (Philippe - 2mins)
       We'd like to collate a list of projects 
- New OCL reporting site (Amir/Anil - 5mins)
       Revealing the new OCaml Labs website

If you'd like to catchup with the update from February, you can find the raw 
text at the link below (although bear in mind that the links within the 
document are unlikely to work).  The February update will be available on the 
new OCL site from tomorrow and the March update will be added in the days after 
the meeting.

Best wishes,

On 3 Apr 2013, at 20:16, Amir Chaudhry <amc79@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear all,
> The next OCaml Labs meeting will take place on the 12th of April at 2pm in 
> the Lab
> A skeleton agenda is below and a more detailed one will follow next week.  
> Please do let me know if you will be attending.
> -- Details --
> OCaml Labs Meeting
> 12th April 2013
> 2pm – 3:30pm (but aiming for 3pm finish)
> Room FW26 - Cambridge Computer Laboratory
> William Gates Building
> JJ Thomson Avenue
> Cambridge CB3 0FD
> -- Agenda --
> OCL Updates
> - Platform projects
> - Systems projects
> - Compiler projects
> Open discussion
> Close
> Best wishes,
> Amir



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