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Re: Cryptokit.Random unsuitable in cooperative multithreaded systems

>> For Mirage, we need to extract out the C functions (mainly for SHA) 
>> separately from the zlib bindings, and port the ones we want in 
>> mirage-platform/xen/runtime.  I would drop the zlib bindings until we get a 
>> chance to implement them in OCaml (about a day's work).  It's also not 
>> essential to have zlib in our libraries at present, except for SSH 
>> compression (which is optional).  SHA, however, is used in a lot of places.
> zlib is heavily used in Git, so that could be quite good to have a pure zlib 
> implementation as well. I might look into that then ...

Unfortunately, didn't get much time to look into this this week (and I won't in 
the next weeks). So if anyone else wants to work on that, please feel free to 
do it.




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