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ANN: cohttp-0.9.7 and github-0.5.0

I've uploaded new versions of Cohttp and Github to OPAM.  Thanks in particular 
to David Sheets for testing I haven't broken anything in Cohttp (too badly).

Jeremy: I pulled the parameterised monad bits out of this release until the 
interfaces are a little more baked (there's no particular rush on this front).

Cohttp 0.9.7 (2013-05-10):
* Attach a GC finaliser to the Lwt client to ensure that even an HTTP body isnt 
consumed, the socket will eventually be closed (#11).
* Add an Async.Server interface, and revise the Client interface to be more in 
line with Core standards.
* Add 422 Unprocessable Entity code.
* Refactor modules better across Lwt/Async, but incompatible with earlier 
releases for Async (Lwt is unchanged at present).
* Add user agent string and User-Agent header helper function
* The git history of this release is full of adventures in parameterised monads 
and refactoring, but this isn't in the actual release. Yet.

Github 0.5.0 (2013-05-10):
* Force `-j-std` to ATDgen to always use standards-compliant JSON (#11).
* Rename `Github.Issues` to `Github.Issue` to parallel other submodules.
* Rename `Github.Issue.edit` to `Github.Issue.update` to parallel other CRUD 
* Reorder named parameters to raw API submodule functions.
* Add Pull Request API.
* Add Hook API (generic "web" hooks only).
* Add Statuses API.
* Add structured semantic errors.
* Nows sends partially configurable (via `API.set_user_agent`) User-Agent 
* Add `API.set_token` to bind an access token for subsequent requests.
* Declare ocaml-re dependency.
* Add anonymous bind operator (>>) to `Github.Monad`.
* Add `Github.Token.delete` for revoking GitHub authorization tokens.
* Add `Github_cookie_jar.delete` for deleting local token cookies.
* Add `revoke` command to git-jar.
* Support GitHub cookie jar names with slashes in.
* Change the signature of `Github_cookie_jar.init` from `... -> unit` to `... 
-> unit Lwt.t`.



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