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Re: Github Releases, with excellent timing

Le mercredi, 3 juillet 2013 Ã 14:14, Anil Madhavapeddy a Ãcrit :
> It looks like you can attach arbitrary files to the release -- which have the 
> transforms (setup.ml, utf files, etc). Isn't that enough?

I don't know there are not enough details in that page for me to know if that 
would be workable, but I doubt it. I transform all my source files to tag them 
with the version number of the release and I'm not going to drag and drop files 
in a web ui interface.

There is also a big drawback to their approach. You no longer have a CHANGES 
files that is part of your repo. It eschews the idea that a release tarball is 
a somehow self-contained (re)presentation of your project. Your release notes 
are no longer with your project but in github's infrastructure, you may be fine 
with that, I'm not (remember that ten years ago most free software was 
published on a different system, I don't see why this may not change again).   

I think they really missed something on that one. They managed to make README's 
something that automatically adds to the presentation of your repo. They could 
have done the same thing by telling us that if our CHANGES files have a 
particular structure they would make something useful with it (e.g. match 
version tags and associate the corresponding release notes text to the release 
tags). But maybe I'm old fashioned.



P.S. By the way opam really needs a way to show things like release notes and 
readmes associated to a package along with the documentation.  



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