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OCaml compiler hacking session

We're organising an OCaml compiler-hacking session!

Where: Room FW11, Computer Laboratory, Madingley Road
           Directions to the building: http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/directions/
           Room plan:

When: 6pm, Tuesday 30th July

Who: anyone interested in improving OCaml.  Knowledge of OCaml
programming will obviously be helpful, but prior experience of working
on OCaml internals isn't necessary.

What: fixing bugs, implementing new features, learning about OCaml internals

We're defining "compiler" pretty broadly, to include anything that's
part of the standard distribution, which means at least the standard
library, runtime, tools (ocamldep, ocamllex, ocamlyacc, etc.), camlp4,
ocamlbuild, the documentation, and the compiler itself.  We'll have
suggestions for mini-projects for various levels of experience, but
feel free to come along and work on whatever you fancy.

We'll also be ordering pizza, so if you want to be counted for food
you should aim to arrive by 6.30pm.

Jeremy and Leo



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