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Building for unix backend fails

Hi all,
I confirm the following issue using "mirage-unix":

I am using the 4.00.1 compiler, and here are the packages currently installed: base-bigarray base, base-threads base, base-unix base, cmdliner 0.9.2, cohttp 0.9.10, cstruct 0.7.1, fd-send-recv 1.0.1, lwt 2.4.3, mirage 1.0.0, mirage-fs 0.6.0, mirage-net 1.0.0, mirage-net-direct 1.0.0, mirage-unix 1.0.0, mirari 1.0.0, obuild 0.0.2, ocamlfind 1.3.3, ocplib-endian 0.3, optcomp 1.4, ounit 1.1.2, re 1.2.1, shared-memory-ring 0.4.0, tuntap 0.5, uri 1.3.8

Build the "static_website" from the "mirage-skeleton" examples fails:
Building executable mir-hello
[1 of 3] Compiling Hello                         [2 of 3] Compiling Backend
File "backend.ml", line 19, characters 45-58:
Error: Unbound constructor OS.Netif.PCAP
[mirari] ERROR: The command "obuild build" exited with code 6.
make: *** [build] Error 1

The dev_type PCAP and ETH are indeed defined in "mirage.1.0.0/unix/lib/netif.ml" so it might be a linking issue of Mirari (which I am using to build the projects).

When using "mirage-xen" it builds fine and runs like a charm as a Xen guest.

Also, the "tcp" skeleton project, builds fine for "mirage-xen" but the Xen guest fails to start. I tried to debug it under "mirage-unix" but as above, building fails.




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