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Fwd: Building for unix backend fails

forgot to hit reply-all...

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> From: Mortier Richard <pszrmm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: Building for unix backend fails
> Date: 18 July 2013 13:48:28 GMT+01:00
> To: Dimosthenis Pediaditakis <dimosthenis.pediaditakis@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> hi dimos;
> On 18 Jul 2013, at 13:39, Dimosthenis Pediaditakis wrote:
> Build the "static_website" from the "mirage-skeleton" examples fails:
>> -------------------------------------------
>> Building executable mir-hello
>> [1 of 3] Compiling Hello                         [2 of 3] Compiling Backend
>> File "backend.ml", line 19, characters 45-58:
>> Error: Unbound constructor OS.Netif.PCAP
>> [mirari] ERROR: The command "obuild build" exited with code 6.
>> make: *** [build] Error 1
>> -------------------------------------------
> odd - i just copied static_website as the basis for the oscon presentation, 
> and it builds and runs just fine for me using unix-socket-build and 
> unix-direct-build as targets.
> i did do a clean reinstall of opam and everything yesterday though, while 
> tweaking installation wiki pages, although i currently have the same versions 
> of all the opam packages you listed.
> what are you doing to build it?  is your code in a repo somewhere?
> -- 
> Cheers,
> R.



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