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oscon deck/reveal.js

making some progress converting the asplos talk after wasting lots of time 
getting stuff off broken phone. grr.

powerpoint doesn't convert content into pngs particularly well - i suspect some 
time with the pdf is the only way forwards.

what's there so far is at <https://github.com/mor1/mirage-decks> - should be 
able to clone, build and run in the usual way. point browser at localhost:8080 
and have at it. slides and assets for a given deck live under 
./files/slides/<deck>/{index.html,*} and are indexed in src/slides.ml. i've 
structured the deck vertically and horizontally, mostly just because i can.

i'll try to find a better way of converting the assets from the asplos deck and 
use it over the w/e. i'll also try to get some sensible theming done.



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