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Re: website/documentation

On 12 Aug 2013, at 12:11, Richard Mortier <Richard.Mortier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

> all;
> been going through the docs on the website. we're not in such bad shape i 
> think-- i had to tweak a few things and remove some dead pages (eg., the old 
> tree source code layout), but nothing major. i've also started to tidy up 
> mirage-skeleton (added makefiles etc) as part of working through the 
> hello-world wiki page. if people could run through the various install 
> instructions (/wiki/{install,mirage-www,hello-world} -- a PR for the latter 
> is still outstanding i think) to check that i didn't get anything wrong, 
> that'd be really helpful :)

Thanks! I've updated the website.   There's a fairly critical fix in 
mirage-platform trunk that Dave just put in that repairs some of the Xenstore 
refactoring (restoring it back to a singleton handle).

The Xenstore code is almost ready to pull completely out of mirage-platform now 
though, which helps pull yet another major part out into a UNIX compatibility 
layer too.

Before I cut mirage-0.9.6 though, I'm possibly seeing a regression on the Netif 
device: lots of packet loss on the live website.  However, I'm on slow wifi 
from the BA lounge at Heathrow, so if Dave/Vincent could do a bit of testing on 
Netif that'd be most helpful.  I'll delay cutting 0.9.6 until then.

> one question-- there was a link in the wiki "hello world" page about 
> mirage-skeleton to a blog post on mirari -- i couldn't find this, was it ever 
> written?

I don't think so... Mirari was always in a bit of flux, but it's probably worth 
writing one now to explain its magic.




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