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Re: [Xen-API] Introducing Open Source XenRT

I am still trying to figure out the exact time-line, but assuming that everything goes OK. I would expect a discussion session at the Xen Project Dev Summit in Edinburgh to gather community feedback. The vendors in the Advisory Board (who would fund the test infrastructure) will have quite a bit of influence over the final shape of the system (where hosted, what hardware, etc.), but they already made clear that anybody in the community must be able to add test cases.

On 02/09/2013 15:16, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
That's very useful indeed.  I can confirm from past experience with XenRT that 
it will definitely be suitable for the bulk of Mirage testing. I'd be surprised 
if XenRT isn't suitable for use with the OSS hypervisor (since it's always had 
OSS tests, followed by XenServer tests since 2006-2007 or so).

What's the best way to get involved with the conversation about the 
test-as-a-service platform?  That's definitely the right direction to go for 
us, since we don't have the resources to manage our own XenRT installation, but 
can definitely submit test cases and triage the results.


On 2 Sep 2013, at 15:10, Lars Kurth <lars.kurth@xxxxxxx> wrote:

For your information: XenRT is also very likely to become the test 
(as-a-service) framework for the Xen Project overall. See minutes of the last 
Advisory Board Meeting 
(http://wiki.xenproject.org/wiki/AB_Meeting/August_2013_Minutes). Next steps 
will be for the Test Framework Committee to have its first meeting, decide 
whether XenRT is suitable for Hypervisor testing (besides XenServer testing) 
and figure out how to move forward with implementation.

On 02/09/2013 14:13, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:
This is the core engine that has driven all Xen testing for the last decade. 
Well worth investigating when our Mirage unit tests need more rigorous stress 


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From: Alex Brett <Alex.Brett@xxxxxxxxxx>

Subject: [Xen-API] Introducing Open Source XenRT
Date: 2 September 2013 13:49:00 BST
"xen-api@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <xen-api@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

As a follow up activity to the open sourcing of XenServer, Citrix is pleased to 
announce the open sourcing of its automated test platform, XenRT.

XenRT ("Xen Regression Test") is a test automation framework, written in 
Python, providing abstractions for the various components under test (pool, host, VM, 
storage, network etc). The library code which makes up these abstractions simplifies the 
process of writing tests, allowing quite complex operations to be performed in a single 
method call.

In a full deployment, XenRT handles all aspects of the testing process - it 
will schedule a test job onto a host, bootstrap it (via DHCP/PXE), install the 
build to be tested, carry out the testing, and collect all necessary logs for 
troubleshooting, without any user interaction required.

In addition to basic functional, regression, and stress testing, XenRT has 
suites of tests that are used for testing performance, scalability, and 

Within Citrix, XenRT is used with a distributed lab comprised of an extremely wide range 
of hardware, and is developed and maintained by a team of some 25 developers. Tests are 
also written and executed directly by the wider XenServer engineering team, in a true 
"Test-as-a-Service" platform - see
  for more information.

XenRT has been open sourced to leverage Citrix's experience and resources in 
test automation to help improve the quality of open source Xen and XenServer 
releases, to benefit the entire community.

To get started with XenRT, follow the links below to the code and a README 
document (which contains getting started instructions - further documentation 
will follow in the near future). For discussion a mailing list has been created 
- information about this can be found at

README document:


Main XenRT tarball:


Third party test resource tarball:


Source for third party resources (not required for normal operation):


Kind Regards,
Alex Brett

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