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Re: Pulling out XenStore out of Mirage.

I'm just catching up on my Mirage mail -- before I dive in, does this branch 
still need testing?  I saw some other Xenstore commits and so don't want to 
duplicate work.


On 15 Aug 2013, at 15:48, Vincent Bernardoff <vb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Please try out my branch no-xenstore of mirage-platform 
> (git://github.com/vbmithr/mirage-platform), compatible with my branch 
> "mirage-compatible" of git://github.com/vbmithr/ocaml-xenstore.
> It should work, and thus make it much easier to develop libraries that 
> depends on either mirage-platform or Unix's xenctrl library. In particular, 
> this is a requirement for an easy cross unix/xen packaging of my 
> ocaml-xenstore library.
> I'm going to test it as well ASAP, but I wouldn't mind other people trying it 
> out too.
> Cheers,
> Vincent



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