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Fwd: [Caml-list] ReactiveML 1.09.01

This is worth looking into, as it compiles to pure OCaml code which 
interoperates with Mirage.  Thomas just merged into OPAM too.


Begin forwarded message:

> From: Louis Mandel <louis.mandel@xxxxxx>
> Subject: [Caml-list] ReactiveML 1.09.01
> Date: 10 September 2013 13:26:50 BST
> To: OCaml List <caml-list@xxxxxxxx>, list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> We are happy to announce the new release of ReactiveML: http://reactiveml.org.
> ReactiveML is a language similar to OCaml extended with a built-in notion of 
> parallel composition. It is based on the reactive synchronous model, a kind 
> of cooperative multithreading with a global notion of time.
> The language is well suited to program applications with a lot of parallel 
> processes which communicate and synchronize a lot such as video games or 
> simulation problems.
> ReactiveML is compiled into plain OCaml code and thus can link or be linked 
> to any OCaml code.
> This new version includes among others the following features:
> - a new application to the programming of mixed music: 
> http://reactiveml.org/reactive_asco
> - the possibility to execute non-instantaneous code at top-level
> - a new standard library which includes in particular:
>    Module Rml_list: process iterators on lists
>    Module Rml_process_manager: combinators for suspension, reconfiguration, 
> ...
>    Module async: launching asychronous computations
> - a new preemption construct with multiple handler to easily define automata.
> The full list of changes is available at 
> http://reactiveml.org/distrib/changes.
> ReactiveML can be installed from the sources:
>  http://reactiveml.org/distrib/rml-1.09.01-2013-09-10.tar.gz
> or using OPAM:
>  opam install rml
> --
> Louis Mandel for the ReactiveML development team
> -- 
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