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Re: RX error (microkernel in EC2)

Yes, I tried that but the error only occurs in EC2; it's raised somewhere in the DHCP module it seems ..

On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 2:12 PM, David Scott <scott.dj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I usually start by recompiling the app as a Unix process (using "mirage-unix" rather than "mirage-xen"). Assuming the bug manifests there (probably: I suspect the String.sub problem is coming from the http-level rather than the xen driver-level) then you can use regular debugging tools, set OCAMLRUNPARAM=b etc.

Debugging in-situ on EC2 is currently a matter of inserting printf's and reading the code-- not ideal.


On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 9:45 PM, William Le Ferrand <warnegia@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
hello everyone

I'm running the simplest cohttp application possible in EC2, the instance boots but quickly complains :Â

MAC: 0e:32:89:f8:03:7b
 sg:true gso_tcpv4:true rx_copy:true rx_flip:false smart_poll:false
Manager: plug 0
Manager: plug done, to listener
Manager: Interface 0 to DHCP
DHCP: waiting for first offer
Manager: init done
DHCP: start discovery
Sending DHCP broadcast len 552
DHCP: start discovery
Sending DHCP broadcast len 552
DHCP: input ciaddr yiaddr siaddr giaddr chaddr  2ïï { sname  file 
DHCP: offer received:
Sending DHCP broadcast len 552
RX exn Invalid_argument("String.sub")

Am I doing something wrong somewhere and what would be a good strategy to debug this?Â



William Le Ferrand

Dave Scott

William Le Ferrand

Mobile :Â(+1)Â(415) 683-1484



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