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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Issues with the list (+ proposal to fix it)

On 18/12/2013 14:32, Amir Chaudhry wrote:
I'm not sure there's a problem here.

People are posting to the list from addresses that are not subscribed.  This 
happens when (1) we bring new people into a discussion who may not have 
explicitly subscribed or (2) if existing people send an email from an account 
that isn't subscribed.

I'm guilty of the latter because I'm subscribed on my @cam account but have 
sent messages from my Gmail account (which I've added to the 'approved senders' 
list).  My penance is that I get duplicate copies of every reply whenever I use 
my Gmail account :)

In hindsight, what I should have done is given you the list of 'accepted 
senders' so they don't get stuck in moderation.  I'd suggest we just let that 
build up organically over time.

If you think I'm wrong about the above, and if anyone has had problems posting 
to the list, please say so.  Otherwise, I think we can leave things as they are.
That works for me


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