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[MirageOS-devel] (LVM compatible) block volume manager library


I've added a new repo:

which contains a "logical volume manager" for Mirage. This library allows you to combine multiple physical volumes (disks) into a large pool of blocks, from which you can allocate independent logical volumes. The library aims to use the same on-disk format as Linux LVM, so you could also use it for manipulating/ visualising/ repairing broken metadata or disks.

The library is partially functorised over the mirage-types V1.BLOCK signature. The command-line tool therefore uses mirage-block-unix.

The interface isn't stable (and I may have broken the Linux LVM compatibility) but I'm working on it.

The code was all originally written by Jon Ludlam, I've only done the Mirage port (and probably introduced the bugs)

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