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[MirageOS-devel] using cow

i'm having a few issues using cow to recreate mirage-decks and wonder whether 
i'm missing something really obvious. code at 

each slideshow on decks is served up using reveal.js which itself ends up using 
an in-browser markdown renderer to render slides from markdown fragments 
between <section></section> tags.

at the moment, each deck is in its own directory containing an (incomplete) 
index.html file which contains the slides as <section /> fragments plus all the 
images referred to. when a deck is requested i then read the relevant 
index.html file in, and insert it into a template which is an <:html< ... >> 

it's this insertion that's causing me problems. if i insert into the template 
as the anti-qutoation $str:deck$ then all the html in deck is escaped (< 
becomes &lt; etc). obviously this doesn't render correctly. if i read in the 
index.html and parse it, then i can insert as $deck$ and that works but it's 
meant i've needed to do a fair amount of tidying up of the index.html files for 
all the slide decks to get past cow's parser.

so-- is there a way to say "just insert this string verbatim" in a quotation 
(or anti-quotation or whatever the things between $$ are called in cow)?

fwiw i've had similar issues with literal js between <script> </script> tags 
which i've overcome by pulling it out into a file and then serving that 
appropriately. i could probably do something similar here by just having the 
template as html fragments that are manually prepended/appended, but that feels 
like a kludge -- given that type-checking is good, being able to typecheck the 
template as valid html, even if i can't type-check the entire page, seems a 
good thing... :)



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