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[MirageOS-devel] mirage-decks-- getting dependencies right

having trouble with a couple of dependencies in travis xen builds for 

1/ i currently have the line

  add_to_ocamlfind_libraries ["cow.syntax"; "cowabloga"; "cohttp.mirage-unix"];

in my config.ml. this obviously fails when travis builds for xen -- but what do 
i put instead of cohttp.mirage-unix?  do i need to (shock!) write code to 
determine what the build target is to add the right ocamlfind library?

2/ the xen build also fails with the following error:

File "static_assets.ml", line 6, characters 37-44:
Parse error: currified constructor
Preprocessing error on file static_assets.ml
Error while running external preprocessor
Command line: camlp4 '-I' '/usr/lib/ocaml/camlp4' '-I' '/usr/lib/ocaml' '-I' 
'/home/travis/.opam/system/lib/type_conv' '-I' 
'/home/travis/.opam/system/lib/dyntype' '-I' 
'/home/travis/.opam/system/lib/xmlm' '-I' '/home/travis/.opam/system/lib/cow' 
'-I' '/home/travis/.opam/system/lib/lwt' '-I' 
'/home/travis/.opam/system/lib/lwt' '-parser' 'o' '-parser' 'op' '-printer' 'p' 
'str.cma' 'pa_type_conv.cma' 'pa_dyntype.cma' 'xmlm.cma' 'xmlm.cma' 'str.cma' 
'pa_cow.cma' 'lwt-syntax-options.cma' 'lwt-syntax.cma'  'static_assets.ml' > 
i'll try and debug this later (need to fire up the xen vm) but wondered if it 
was something obvious & well-known that i was missing as this is a generated 

full travis output at https://travis-ci.org/mor1/mirage-decks/jobs/15922469



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