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[MirageOS-devel] Mirage 1.1.0 pull req

Hi all,

Dave and I bravely wrestled with Git today to rebase the Mirage 1.1 branch and 
send a mega unified pull request upstream:


This passes Travis (except for a few minor problems on OCaml 3.12.1), so I'm 
just going through the checklist for what else we need to do to push 1.1.x out 
the door:

- update mirage-www config.ml examples on the wiki
- add a blog post about how the net stack works with its functors (should work 
from the toplevel now)
- port some of balraj's iperf examples to give him a template to work from 
(with 2 vifs <-> localhost)
- merge in mirage-skeleton to new scheme
- refresh the opam-doc on mirage.github.io

Regarding mirage-skeleton, should we merge mirage-skeleton and mirage/lib_test? 
 They seem to have broadly the same content, and it's useful to have just one 
repo.  Mort, you had a FOSDEM branch, so your thoughts welcome here.

Can anyone think of anything else?

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