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Re: [MirageOS-devel] [Publicity] Scheduling some posts for openmirage.org

On 14 Feb 2014, at 16:44, Dario Faggioli <dario.faggioli@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> As for distilling these down to a Xen blog post, I'll defer to someone with 
>> a little more time than I have right now.  I like the thinking though :-)
> You mean you like the thinking behind, 'distilling these into summary
> doc...'? Well, I bit you do, since it's you that said it, earlier in the
> thread. :-D :-D
> As per actually doing such distilling, I'll have a look at the articles
> and then provide my view, by pinging again this thread. Will this be
> fine, or is there someone in particular I should be talking to?

This thread's just fine -- Dave, Jon and I definitely want to continue to
write these little blog posts to explain individual libraries as we find
time, as it's very helpful way to code review portions of Mirage as well.

This is especially true now that the basic libraries structures have
settled down in Mirage 1.1.x, thanks to Dave's splitting up of the Xen
libxc bits into fully parallel installable bits.

I'm currently working on rebasing our fork of MiniOS back to upstream Xen,
using ocaml-ctypes for the glue bindings.  This is both in hope of a future
ARM MiniOS, but also to make the 'how a VM boots' part of Mirage much easier
to explain and to support HVM booting.

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