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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Memory requirements for a typical Mirage OS VM

On 22/02/2014 22:29, Richard Mortier wrote:
On 22 Feb 2014, at 22:13, Julian Chesterfield <julian.chesterfield@xxxxxxxxx> 

So hosting the website image will require more ram than a minimal image.
yes; hence my question about what "typical" means :)
The background for the question was whether the event channel improvements in Xen 4.4 (and thus the capability to run a lot of smaller VMs on one host) will benefit Mirage OS and others. That argement hinges on Mirage OS (and similar) having significantly smaller memory footprints that your traditional VM.

I guess "typical" means "memory requirements for the type of workloads Mirage OS is aiming to target


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