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[MirageOS-devel] Problem with `mirage run`on unix build of static_website

Hi folks,

I'm having a problem getting a ` --unix` build of a static website to run and 
I'm not sure how to proceed (I'm on OSX 10.8.5).

I'm using mirage-skeleton/static_website and the `configure` and `build` steps 
seem to work fine  but `mirage run` gives me the following:


www         + Executing: make run
www          /dev/tap0
www          Fatal error: exception Failure("net_tap0")
www          Raised at file "src/core/lwt.ml", line 782, characters 22-23
www          Called from file "src/unix/lwt_main.ml", line 34, characters 8-18
www          Called from file "main.ml", line 84, characters 2-28
www          make: *** [run] Error 2
www          uence,principal" -cflag -g -lflags -g,-linkpkg main.native
www          ln -nfs _build/main.native mir-www
www          ./mir-www
[ERROR]      The command "make run" exited with code 2.


I'm guessing this is something to do with tuntap but I'm not sure how to get 
more info.  Just in case I had stale copies, I reinstalled tuntap via homebrew 
and moved items to the appropriate places (i.e I followed the info you can see 
in `brew info tuntap`).  That didn't help and after digging in the main.ml 
file, I can see that the exception is raised on line 45.

let stackv41 () =
  console1 () >>= function
  | `Error _    -> fail (Failure "console1")
  | `Ok console ->
  net_tap0 () >>= function
  | `Error _      -> fail (Failure "net_tap0")  (*<------------- this is line 
  | `Ok interface ->
  let config = {
    V1_LWT.name = "stackv41";
    console; interface;
    mode = `IPv4 (Ipaddr.V4.of_string_exn "", Ipaddr.V4.of_string_exn 
"", [Ipaddr.V4.of_string_exn ""]);
  } in
  Stackv41.connect config

At this point, I don't know what else to do.  Any advice? I kind of wonder that 
I've missed something obvious.

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