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[MirageOS-devel] Blog post on getting unikernels from jekyll sites

Hi folks (apologies if you receive this twice),

As mentioned last week, I've been writing up my instructions for getting to a 
unikernel from a jekyll-based website.  I posted it live last night and also 
decided to put it on HackerNews [1] and Reddit [2] just now.  If you're on 
either of those sites, some upvotes would be appreciated and help it reach more 

I'm wondering if it would be be worth adding it to the Mirage site but perhaps 
in a different form i.e as docs on how to use Travis.  It's also prompted me to 
think whether we can improve the key management by automating it a lot more i.e 
make a key locally for the user and use the GitHub API to add it to the 
deployment repo.  Not sure if this is possible but the SSH keys are the most 
awkward part of the process.

Thanks to those who sent comments on an earlier draft.  I made quite a few 
adjustments based on those.

[1]: Hacker News - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7378975
[2]: Reddit - 

Best wishes,
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