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Re: [MirageOS-devel] codio now has opam/ocaml (and hence mirage) support

On 7 Apr 2014, at 18:20, Amir Chaudhry <amc79@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Minor downside is that there needs to be a better way for external folks to 
> help keep the opam install up to date.  e.g if we use this for any tutorials, 
> then making sure that people don't need to do `opam update && opam upgrade` 
> to have the latest set of packages would be a plus (it takes a while).  I 
> also spoke to one of the codio guys and mentioned that travis integration 
> would be very useful.  If that happens, then there's a complete web-based 
> process for configuring and building unikernels.  Other than that, I'd want 
> to use this in any tutorials we run.

I should also have said that it *does* come with a bunch of preinstalled opam 
packages (at least all the RWO ones) so you can get started immediately without 
having to upgrade anything.  


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