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Re: [MirageOS-devel] Cohttp, and the SSL saga update

On 13 Apr 2014, at 23:08, Anil Madhavapeddy <anil@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> - Move it from avsm/ocaml-cohttp to mirage/ocaml-cohttp.  This was blocked on 
> syncing the Releases metadata, and I added two new executables to 
> ocaml-github to do just this in v0.8.3.  `git-sync-github-releases` and 
> `git-upload-release` provide the facility to copy Releases metadata between 
> repos conveniently via the command line.  I will repo transfer 
> avsm/ocaml-cohttp to mirage/ocaml-cohttp tomorrow.
> - I'll give Rudi Grinberg merge access to the new master.  He and David 
> Sheets (who already has merge access) have been providing higher quality 
> patches than me for a while :-)

These two are now done, and the repo has moved to 
https://github.com/mirage/ocaml-cohttp, and Rudi has access.

Also released Cohttp 0.11.1 to OPAM to address a few niggles and merge an 
Lwt-based SimpleHTTPServer contribution.

0.11.1 (2014-04-17):
* Remove an errant async_ssl reference left in the _oasis file that is
  now handled by the Conduit library (#116).
* Add an Lwt-based SimpleHTTPServer equivalent as `cohttp-server-lwt` (#108).
* `Cohttp.Connection.t` now exposes sexp accessor functions (#117).

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