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[MirageOS-devel] OPW intern checking in!

Hi folks! Today's the first official day of OPW internships, which run through the middle of August. I'm slated to be working on fuzzing Mirage's network stack, for which I've already done a small amount of investigatory work.

I'm working on a framework for testing and analysis within Scapy, the packet manipulation DSL for Python 2.7. I did some preliminary work on this when looking for more denial-of-service bugs in the DHCP client option parsing code of mirage-tcpip and will be working on both generalizing that work, and writing specific tests and analyses for other layers in the stack this week beginning with HTTP. Additionally, I plan to write a blog post with more details on my progress and motivation in the middle of the week.

I'll also be sending periodic updates to the list with details on my progress and plans for immediate future work. Unless someone has a different preference, I'll do this in reply to this message, so folks can choose to filter out these messages if they find them undesirable.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

Mindy (yomimono)

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