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[MirageOS-devel] plan for accessing devices in a domestic setting

with the storming progress being made on mirage-on-arm a question arose locally.

we're planning to use mirage-on-den-on-arm to access some IoT devices, 
specifically a USB ZWave controller. what's the plan for multiplexing such 
devices (whether USB or something else) among domains?  a couple of routes 
suggest themselves:

+ link the existing library for managing the device directly into the mirage 
app as a one-shot deal; the library in question is C++ so this might be done 
with SWIG (though might that limit to mirage-on-linux rather than 
mirage-on-xen?) or by following leo's suggestions for wrapping C++ libraries 
using ctypes

+ build a simple mirage-on-linux app to wrap the existing library run in dom0 
and provide access via some api (whether HTTP/TCP or vchan or something else) 
to other domUs

+ write a from-scratch custom mirage domU to provide access to the device as 

...or probably others.  




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