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[MirageOS-devel] [Hackathon] Xen/arm session notes

Thanks to Stefano and Anil for writing these up. Please add to it as needed, as 
these are a little sparese. Added people who are likely off list

== Attendees ==
anil madhavapeddy (cambridge)
thomas leonard (cambridge)
anthony perrard (citrix)
srinivas kalaga (samsung) - primarily on xen and power management
filipe manco (nec) - adding support for suspend/resume in MiniOS
joao martins (nec) - clickos/minios interested in pvh
tim deegan (x86 and arm maintainer, has hacked on minios)
michail flouris (onapp) - working on arm-pv 32 port of xen for server market
hwanju kim (cambridge) - minios for pvh x86, also building netfpga device 
driver for xen
nik sultana (cambridge) - network function virtualization
ian jackson (citrix) - tools maintainer for minios. working with rump kernel
stefano stabellini (citrix) - arm maintainer
dave scott (citrix) - xenserver and mirage arm
jon ludlam (citrix) - cubieboard interested hanger on
julian chesterfield (onapp) - minios in the board euroserver project 
marc zyngier (arm)

== Outline of discussions ==
- patch review of arm code (marc)
- libc choices - newlib (clickos) - libm
- libm choices
- suspend/resume patches
- mirage
- pvh

=== Anil's Notes  ===

MiniOS enables MMU and does 1:1 mapping.

ARM guests are allowed to assume one bank of memory. We need to document
this in the ABI. ARM guests should assume the presence of an FDT.

How do we make MiniOS more modular?
We could make start_kernel tweak.
Should we move it to a separate tree?
To encourage collaboration, add KVM support to Mirage?, and make it more 

Libc choices: newlib has to go away.
* Bionic from Android, too complex
* libc from FreeBSD is good, but there is no easy way to build it out of the 
FreeBSD tree
* uclibc is LGPL so it cannot be used
* musl libc seems to be the best option
* Could we upstream MiniOS support into musl libc or newlib? A prerequisite 
would be MiniOS providing a stable API.

We also need a libm. OpenBSD libm has been moved out of tree to a separate 
project, called openlibm.

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