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[MirageOS-devel] Snapshot of all mirageos repos

Thanks to Balraj for assembling this.  Are we missing any?  Please reply to 
this thread with corrections and we can assemble:

Core OS / Build Framework
mirage/mirage              - Command-line frontend
mirage/mirage-platform     - Core framework and runtime
mirage/mirage-clock        - clock for Unix and Xen
mirage/mirage-types        - type signatures for all Mirage modules
ocaml/opam                 - package manager library
ocaml/opamfu               - functions over package sets
samoht/ocaml-tools         - tools to manage project configuration


mirage/irmin               - Distributed database with Git-like properties
samoht/ocaml-git           - OCaml low level git bindings
mirage/ocaml-lazy-trie     - Lazy trie data structure
samoht/ocaml-bloom-filter  - Bloom filters in OCaml
mirage/orm                 - ORM-style relational mapper
samoht/mqueue              - Distributed, persistent queues

Filesystems and Block Storage
mirage/mirage-block-volume - Implementation of Linux LVM in OCaml
mirage/mirage-block-unix   - Unix mmap-based block driver for Mirage
mirage/ocaml-fat           - FAT format file system
mirage/xen-disk            - Example userspace blkback in 
mirage/ocaml-crunch        - Convert a filesystem into a static Oaml module
mirage/mirage-fs-unix      - Unix filesystem passthrough
dsheets/profuse            - FUSE protocol implementation

Network Stack
mirage/mirage-tcpip        - OCaml TCP/IP stack
mirage/mirage-net-xen      - Xen Netfront ethernet device driver
mirage/mirage-net-unix     - Ethernet interface using tuntap
mirage/ocaml-tuntap        - bindings to UNIX tuntap
mirage/ocaml-ipaddr        - IPv4 and IPv6 parsing and manipulation
mirage/ocaml-conduit       - Establish connections via multiple mechanisms
mirage/ocaml-dns           - DNS protocol


mirleft/ocaml-asn1-combinators - parse ASN.1 formats
mirleft/ocaml-x509         - X509 (RFC5280) certificate handling
mirleft/ocaml-nocrypto     - libc-free crypto implementations
mirleft/ocaml-tls          - TLS 1.x implementation in pure OCaml
dsheets/ocaml-sodium       - bindings to NaCL crypto
dsheets/ocaml-dnscurve     - implementation of DNSCurve protocol

Foreign Language Interface

mirage/ocaml-cstruct       - Map OCaml arrays to C-like structs
samoht/mstruct             - mutable cstruct interface
ocamllabs/ocaml-ctypes     - 

Xen support

mirage/shared-memory-ring  - Xen style shared memory ring
mirage/io-page             - IO memory page library
mirage/ocaml-xenstore      - Client, server and Xenstore protocol
djs55/ocaml-xenstore-clients - 
mirage/mirage-block-xen    - Xen blkfront driver for Mirage
mirage/ocaml-vchan         - Inter-VM shared memory communication

HTTP Utilities
mirage/ocaml-cohttp        - Light weight HTTP server
mirage/cowabloga           - Zurb Foundation templates for blog/wiki
mirage/ocaml-uri           - URI and URL handling
mirage/mirage-http         - Mirage HTTP client and server
mirage/ocaml-cow           - Caml on the Web
ocaml/omd                  - Markdown implementation in OCaml

Misc Utilities
mirage/mirage-console      - Portable application console
mirage/ocaml-pcap          - Capture and analyse pcap files
avsm/ocaml-github          - GitHub API bindings
mirage/dyntype             - Dynamic types for OCaml

Reference Applications
mirage/mirage-www          - complete openmirage.org site and server
mirage/mirage-decks        - Presentations written using Mirage about Mirage
mirage/mirage-skeleton     - Build skeleton, tests and examples

Docker and Vagrant

mirage/mirage-vagrant-vms  - Build Vagrant images 

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