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[MirageOS-devel] We have binary OPAM RPMs!

Thanks to help from Euan Harris and Jon Ludlam at the recent OCaml Compiler 
Hackathon at Citrix, I've managed to coax the OpenSUSE Build Service into 
generating binary RPMs for Fedora 19/20, CentOS 6/7 and RHEL7!

WWW: https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/home:ocaml/opam#

I've only tried this on a CentOS 6 VM so far, and it's working great.  Since 
the version of OCaml packaged there is 3.11.2, our RPMs bootstrap themselves by 
using a local copy of OCaml to build OPAM.  The resulting yum installation is 
working successfully via "opam init --comp=4.01.0" on CentOS 6.

Note that only OPAM 1.2.0beta3 is packaged up like this.  I haven't gone back 
to the 1.1.x series as I don't think it's worth the maintenance burden at this 

For the curious, here's the OpenSUSE Build Service instructions that combine 
what Jon/I have been doing:
In theory, the build service should do non-x86 builds (ARM, PPC, etc), but in 
practise the infrastructure seems completely broken and fail in interesting 
ways.  Has anyone ever successfully had this working?

CCing xen-api as well, since this is probably of use to the xapi packaging 
efforts on CentOS.

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